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Here at Livonia Tree we love trees and we love keeping them healthy and beautiful. A key factor in maintaining, and improving, your trees' health and beauty is pruning. Tree pruning is selectively removing parts of the tree. Whether you want to shape your tree, remove dangerous hanging branches, remove dead branches, or influence how the trees grows for optimal health, pruning is a necessary task. Pruning will help your tree grow and flourish! Pruning is really an art that requires skill and experience. If done incorrectly, or at the wrong time of year, the tree can become diseased, or end up following improper growth patterns - this is why tree pruning is a job best left to the experts at Livonia Tree.

Types of pruning

There are a few different types of tree pruning, namely: Topping, raising, thinning, and reduction. Topping is typically done on young trees and involves remove many branches; Thinning is often done to remove old limbs, whether it be for safety or to encourage new growth; Raising removes lower brances to visually "raise" the tree; Reduction reduces the over size or spread of the tree, and is often done to keep trees from interfering with power lines.

The type of pruning appropriate for your tree depends on what it is you're looking to do. If you're unsure of what your best option is, our experts can explain the specifics of what is required at the time of your estimate!

What's the difference between pruning and trimming?

Tree pruning is more health-related while trimming is more appearance-related. Both are beneficial and affordable with Livonia Tree.

Trees need removing?

Livonia Tree can handle it

There are a variety of reasons you might need tree removal services. But the task can be dangerous and labor intensive; at Livonia Tree, we have all the best equipment and follow strict safety standards.

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