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Trees are our passion!

Healthy, beautiful trees

We offer a variety of tree services. Perhaps a tree fell in your yard and you need it removed - our team can do this safely and efficiently! Maybe there's an old stump you're tired of looking at - we have the equipment to do the job. Or maybe you want to simply improve the look of your trees - our pros are experts at pruning and trimming! Whatever your goal, Livonia Tree can assist you.

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Trees are our speciality - experience is our advantage

Tree Removal

Our team gets the job done quickly and safely.

Tree Pruning

We're experts at this detailed process.

Tree Trimming

We can handle all your tree trimming needs.

Stump Grinding

Our team can easily deal with unsightly stumps.

Trees should be enjoyed

Make your yard your happy place

Branches falling over your yard can be a huge pain to keep picking up; Large branches hanging too close to your house can be worry. Let us make sure your tree is properly trimmed and pruned so your yard can be your worry-free pain-free happy place.

Our Services

Are you interested in getting an estimate on any of these services?

We specialize in all of the above, so you can get everything done with one company, saving money and time! We know how valuable your time is and how hard you work for your money, so we are always doing everything that we can to deliver the best possible service in the ways that are most convenient to you.

What do we mean by providing service in the ways that are most convenient to you? Some customers prefer that we do the work while they are away at the office and others like to be there to oversee the entire process. We welcome either approach! Some customers prefer to hire us first for just a quick tree trimming job, and then later they decide to call us back for regular pruning to keep their trees healthy and beautiful. That is absolutely fine with us too! We will never pressure you to purchase more services than you are interested in. They are your trees and we will take care of them in any way you see fit!

And while there are those customers who prefer to start small, there are others who want absolutely everything on their property assessed and taken care of by our expert tree service crew. Those jobs are a joy for us to do. If you've got a lot of trees on your property and you want them to look their absolute best, please call us for a free consultation today.

When we come out for a consultation, we'll visit you and take a look at your trees to figure out exactly what needs to be done. If there are any sick trees, we will come up with a plan to heal them or we will decide together with you if removal and stump grinding is the best choice. For your healthy but overgrown trees, we'll make arrangements for a day of trimming, and then if you wish, we will come out on a seasonal basis for pruning.

When it comes to your budget, we will work with you to offer reasonable prices and to fit our services into your finances! Every customer deserves the same consideration with this because no one out there wants to waste their hard earned money on unnecessary fees or unnecessary services! You'll never find any surprise fees tacked on to your bill at the end of our service and you will never wonder if the service we provided was worth what you paid. We work hard to ensure the highest quality possible and our work speaks for itself!

If you're ready to call us for a free assessment and price quote, all you've got to do is give us a call. You will find our phone number at the top of every page, so you are more than welcome to browse and take a look around, and you'll still be able to reach us very easily at any time. We look forward to hearing from you and to making your trees the healthiest and most beautiful they have ever been!

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